Bad (and some good) news regarding the Romance DLC Survey results

Does everyone remember the romance DLC survey a few months back?

Initially, the tally for total survey submissions was 9,018.

Unfortunately, as results were further analyzed, it has been discovered that 2,831 of these submissions came from individual(s) located in Lübeck, Germany, which highly suggests that they were all from the same person. This equated to 32% of the results.

Here were some common themes in their survey answers:

  • Female
  • 19-29
  • Generally negative about the concept of the DLC
  • Pro-Garrus
  • Felt Tali should have had a better photo
  • Anti-VS
  • Anti-ME2 squad (mostly Thane and Jacob)
  • Skipped sections on geographic location, Liara, Sam, Steve, & New/Non-Fully Romanceable LIs
  • Made no comments

Of course, this means that the survey results that were published were extremely skewed.

Here is an article with more info about this.

On the other hand,  even if the number of actual submissions goes down to 6,181, it means that results will be much more positive than anticipated and this will come as a relief to those who were disappointed by the lower-than-expected support for Thane. Still, I would very much like to have a word with this person and give them a piece of my mind.


Vega Romance and Pre-coup Thane mission cut from ME3

Datamining over at HTL confirms [that a Vega romance was cut according to the game files], it’s the same type of datamining (iirc looking through the game’s .tlk files) that found the cut Aria dialogue (which may or may not be restored in the Omega DLC) that also found the reference to a Vega romance.

Here’s the datamined script for the Vega romance:


Basically, it’s actually a cut dialogue between Shep and Kelly that reveals the cut Vega romance; at some point Kelly (who you could meet up irregardless wether you invited her to your cabin or not in ME2), would reference your LI.
In that dialogue there is a line for Vega.
And worse, there was supposed to ba a pre-coup mission for Thane:






It centered around rescuing Kolyat from a human weapons developer named Francis Dwait (who apparantely dabbled with indoctrination devices).

Shep learns from Thane that Kolyat has gone missing, and Thane asks that Shep find/rescue him.
Through a flashback, Thane remembers that Kolyat was investigating Mr Dwait (in order to impress Bailey and prove he was C-Sec material).

Kolyat’s investigation caught the attention of Cerberus (who were working with Dwait) and yep, you guessed it, Kolyat got caught by Cerberus. The Dwait mansion is then infiltrated by Shep & Co. Shep rescues Kolyat , and subsequently kills Mr Dwait (It is also revealed that Shep is immune to indoctrination).

Since my words fail me at describing my feels about cutting that mission and Vega’s romance:

┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

*Double table-flip*

Still, I’d vastly prefer a “Find Kepral Syndrome Cure/Treatment on Kahje” mission over a ”Rescue Kolyat ver 2.0” mission, but…Gah! Why? Why was it cut? *Fumes* 



It has come to my attention

Several people have become upset over the Romance DLC survey results, especially the Cure Kepral’s syndrome question outcome.

If we were to assume that all or most Thanemancers (20%) answered ‘Yes’ to that question, then only 2.8% of non-Thanemancers did so as well.

Due to the high amount of people who answered that Garrus was the character they romanced (58.7%), and a staggering 76.7% of total respondents either answered “No" "Did not romance" or skipped the question altogether, some people have taken up pinning the blame of these results on Garrusmancers, which has in turn upset many of them.

I don’t think putting the blame on them is correct. I understand the frustration that stems from constantly being treated like dirt by other ME players who do not fully understand the Thane situation and by Bioware themselves, and the fact that these results are a blow to the campaign and will likely be used against us. However the one who is to blame for this whole situation is Bioware, and while they were acting in good faith, the people who were conducting the survey. I don’t believe “Did not romance" should have been an option on the question in the first place, as it implies that it is only directed towards players who romanced Thane.

Do Garrusmancers who are hostile towards or genuinely don’t care about Thane and the people who romanced him exist? Yes. Are there Garrusmancers who answered “No” in selfishness and hope that it would allow Bioware to spend more time and resources on Garrus content in future DLC instead of doing anything to fix Thane’s horrible treatment? Yes. Are there Garrusmancers out there who are willing to overlook the blatant sexism and shafting Femshep underwent in ME3 because they lucked out by choosing one of the measly two heterosexual options that were not completely destroyed by Bioware? Yes.

However, is this behavior exclusive to people who romanced Garrus? Not one bit. In fact, I find that they have been the group of players who tend to support and sympathize with us the most. The results of this survey are not the entire ‘fault’ of one particular group, but also of people who romanced Liara, Tali, Kaidan, Ashley, and other characters.

If you were part of the 2.8% of people who did not romance Thane, yet still answered “Yes" to that question out of consideration for Thanemancers or simply out of love for the character, I sincerely thank you. I encourage you to continue to help this campaign on FacebookTwitter and BSN and through expressing your opinion in as many places and as often as possible. Thane and Femshep deserve better!



Romance DLC Survey Results

Everyone Remember the romance DLC survey we all participated in? Yes, good. Cause guess what? Survery results have been posted. It’s a BIG read but it’s all worth it. Especially some of the comments *chuckle*.

Thane results are on page 26-27 of the survery summary. I can’t remember what they are in the comments summary. 

Link is here. Remember to retweet, repost, and reblog EVERYWHERE you can. Let’s get the word fully out there and maybe Bioware will actually listen to us.



(It seems like some people are having trouble accessing the pdf’s, try using different browsers until it works for you.)


ME3 Romance DLC Survey

A quick reminder:

If you haven’t filled out the ME3 Romance DLC survey yet, please do so as it closes tomorrow! We would like to reach 10,000 entries. Results will be analyzed and sent with a report to Bioware, so make sure that your voice is heard.